Fall Fence Repair Kansas City

Repair your fence this Fall in Kansas City!

Fall fence gate

The storms this spring and summer have been extra tough on the fences in the Kansas City metro area. Is your fence ready for winter?

Did your fence sustain damage from falling trees and high winds during spring and summer storms? The fall is the perfect time to get your fence back in working order before the winter weather in Kansas City hits.

Fences in Kansas City take a beating with our unpredictable weather every winter. Strengthen a weak fence with braces or by replacing missing or broken posts or pickets.

Posts rotted or leaning?

A leaning fence is a sign that you need a fence post (or posts) replaced. Our estimators can detect the posts that are causing the problem during a free estimate. We can replace just the problem posts to save you money and time. Our professional installers can remove rotted posts and replace them with new posts before winter weather comes to town. A winter storm can take down unstable posts which can take down your fence with them. The last thing you want to deal with is fixing your fence during a winter storm!

Chain link top rail bent or mangled?

High winds this year have toppled trees causing damage to chain link fences all over Kansas City. The Fence Repair Co. can replace top rail and weave in new fabric to existing fences – without replacing the whole line. Get your fence fixed before your dogs get out!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Call the Fence Repair Company today! Our experienced estimators will visit your property and access the condition of your fence for free.

And just in case you need us for a winter fence repair… keep in mind that the Fence Repair Company works year-round!